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The original Richard Wilhelm translation for the hexagram line...

Hexagram 4
Mêng - Youthful Folly

yin above: Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain
yang below: K'an / The Abysmal, Water
Carel Fabritius

Carel Fabritius (1622-1654)
Self-portrait, circa 1645


Hexagram Four/Line One

Six at the beginning [yin at bottom] means:
To make a fool develop
It furthers one to apply discipline.
The fetters should be removed.
To go on in this way brings humiliation.

The Goldfinch - Carel Fabritius

'The Goldfinch', 1654 - Carel Fabritius
Mauritshuis - The Hague - Holland

LAW IS the beginning of education. Youth in its inexperience is inclined at first to take everything carelessly and playfully. It must be shown the seriousness of life. A certain measure of taking oneself in hand, brought about by strict discipline, is a good thing. He who plays with life never amounts to anything. However, discipline should not degenerate into drill. Continuous drill has a humiliating effect and cripples a man's powers.

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