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The original Richard Wilhelm translation for the hexagram line...


Hexagram 37
Chia Jên - The Family [The Clan]

yang above: Sun / The Gentle, Wind
yin below: Li / The Clinging, Fire
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Hexagram Thirty-Seven/Line One

Nine at the beginning [yang at bottom] means:
Firm seclusion within the family.
Remorse disappears.

Grape and Melon Eaters

'Boys Eating Fruit' (Grape and Melon Eaters), 1645-46
Bartolome Esteban Murillo (1617-1682)

The family must form a well-defined unit within which each member knows his place. From the beginning each child must be accustomed to firmly established rules of order, before ever its will is directed to other things. If we begin too late to enforce order, when the will of the child has already been overindulged, the whims and passions, grown stronger with the years, offer resistance and give cause for remorse. If we insist on order from the outset, occasions for remorse may arise - in general social life these are unavoidable - but the remorse always disappears again, and everything rights itself. For there is nothing easily avoided and more difficult to carry through than "breaking a child's will."

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