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The original Richard Wilhelm translation for the hexagram line...

Hexagram 18
Ku - Work on What Has Been Spoiled [Decay]

yin above: Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain
yang below: Sun / The Gentle, Wind


Hexagram Eighteen/Line Two

Nine in the second place means:
Setting right what has been spoiled by the mother.
One must not be too persevering.

Spoiled Child

'The Spoiled Child' - Jean-Baptiste Greuze 1765 - The Hermitage, St. Peterburg

This refers to mistakes that as a result of weakness have brought about decay - hence the symbol, "what has been spoiled by the mother." In setting things right in such a case, a certain gentle consideration is called for. In order not to wound, one should not attempt to proceed too drastically.

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