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The original Richard Wilhelm translation for the hexagram line...

Hexagram 59
Huan - Dispersion [Dissolution]

yang above: Sun / The Gentle, Wind
yang below: K'an / The Abysmal, Water
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Hexagram Fifty-Nine/Line Three

Six in the third place means:
He dissolves his self. No remorse.

Rembrandt van Rijn as a young man

Self-Portrait as a young man, 1634 - Rembrandt van Rijn
(b. 1606, Leiden, d. 1669, Amsterdam)
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

Under certain circumstances, a man's work may become so difficult that he can no longer think of himself. He must set aside all personal desires and disperse whatever the self gathers about it to serve as a barrier against others. Only on the basis of great renunciation can he obtain the strength for great achievements. By setting his goal in a great task outside himself, he can attain this standpoint.

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