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The original Richard Wilhelm translation for the hexagram line...

Hexagram 46
Shêng - Pushing Upward

yin above: K'un / The Receptive, Earth
yang below: Sun / The Gentle, Wind, Wood


Hexagram Forty-Six/­Line Five

Six in the fifth place means:
Perseverance brings good fortune.
One pushes upward by steps.

Mount Fanjing - south-west China

Mount Fanjing - south-west China
the Temple of the Buddha and the Temple of Maitreya 1

When a man is advancing farther and farther, it is important for him not to become intoxicated by success. Precisely when he experiences great success it is necessary to remain sober and not to try to skip any stages; he must go on slowly, step by step, as though hesitant. Only such calm, steady progress, overleaping nothing, leads to the goal.

1. Mount Fanjing
We’re in Guizhou province looking at a spire called Red Clouds Golden Summit on Mount Fanjing in south-west China. Rising more than 100 metres above the surrounding mountaintop, visitors will need to climb almost 9,000 steps to reach the summit. Look closely at the image and you can see how the stairs swirl up and around the rock formation and through a gorge.

The buildings you see perched at the top are two Buddhist temples – the Temple of the Buddha and the Temple of Maitreya – linked by a small footbridge. For visitors who don’t want to walk to the top, there’s a cable car that will take you two-thirds of the way there. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2018.

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