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Terms and conditions

Subscription payments:

The first three months of your subscription are free.
When you make a payment for either a half year, or for one year, respectively, your official subscription period begins from the end date of your trial period. Your subscription period is renewable on a yearly or half-yearly basis.
Your subscription payment will be processed manually so please be patient.
Expect 24-48 hours to see your membership renewal updated.

You can not subscribe for more than one year ahead.
If you pay more than the annual fee, the surplus will be considered a donation, for which I Ching Online will, of course, be very grateful.

Obviously, no cancellation is needed. If you stop renewing, your account will be suspended automatically at the end of your paid membership period, or at the end of your free trial period if you don't subscribe.

No warranty:

In case data are lost, for whatever reason (hacking of the database, back-ups lost because of technical problems at the host server, etc.), there is no warranty whatsoever.
Of course, the chances are very slight that such a catastrophe will happen, and I Ching Online will do everything within its power to recover any lost data, but if unsuccessful, you will simply have to start over building your reading repository, and there will be no restitution of any payments.

The same applies for the very unlikely possibility that the site can no longer be maintained. (Maintenance is now done by just one person.)
In this case, the site will continue to be available during the period for which hosting is paid in advance (which is quite some time), and then cease existing. Of course, we are trying to be ready for such eventuality, but should that happen, you shall have to accept fate, and no restitution of payments will be made to you.

Accessibility depends on the host. Neither connection speed nor any uptime percentage is guaranteed by I Ching Online.
If database access is turning very slow, we will of course seek a solution, but here as well; if unsuccessful, consider it bad luck and wait for things to get better. Never will any restitution of payments be made to you.

Fair use:

In the case of abuse, or improper use, for instance, if the number of pageviews and/or number of readings saved is extremely (astronomically) large, or should it be discovered that a group of people is using the same account, the account can be suspended, or even cancelled altogether, without any warning or reason given, and no restitution of payments will be paid.

The I Ching Online team.