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Born under the sign of happiness, he can succeed in everything.
Resolute and cheerful, and what's more, very militant.
He follows only his own judgement, which is right most of the time, and he always disagrees with elder people (and vice versa).
Full of himself and a bit square, he runs the risk not to succeed socially.
In spite of this he is admired, but his looking down upon other people's ideas can make him miss his destination.
Super intelligent and ready for everything, it is wise to consider his opinion.
But because he is always in a hurry, he can make mistakes, despite his carefully thought-out solutions.
So he lacks patience and tolerance.
If he can suppress his impulses, he will get ahead.
In his youth his stubbornness can do him harm.
As everyone to whom fortune smiles upon, he risks things to go wrong.
It is unfavorable for a Dragon to be born on a day with thunder.
The Dragon woman is very sure of herself, and hates loneliness.

Compatible signs: Monkey, Rat, Tiger and Rooster.

Fire dragon

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