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Horse Zodiac

1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

Born under the sign of elegance and persistence.
Fast and bright, he has a rather naïve character, but is very gentle.
Impatient and always moving, he loves to travel, change, the world and an easy life.
He likes to stand in the front.
Very social, he connects easily and is helpful.
He disregards advice from others, and shows more power of discernment than intelligence.
He senses support that leads to success.
In love he is weak, but not selfish.
He can very well lead a crowd, despite his lack of opinion, and he sometimes lets himself be led by smooth talk and flattery.
He has the bad habit to talk too much.
His expediency makes enemies, and his boasting irritates.
If he can stick to his goal, his ambition can surely make him succeed.
It is favorable for him to be born in winter.

Compatible signs: Tiger, Dog and Goat

Horses at rural estate Spanderswoud

Horses at rural estate Spanderswoud Holland 2010 - photo Juanita van den Bos

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