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Pig Zodiac

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Born under the sign of sincerity, it is impossible for him to act as if, and he always heads straight for the goal.
He has a sincere heart and is not mean.
You should trust him, but he can easily be misled.
Initiatives he likes to keep for himself and he is not very concerned with the people around him.
He was not made for real social life, and he could not care less about his reputation.
From without he looks calm, while within it itches, and he can be quite obstinate (pigheaded).
He loves money without showing it.
Discussions are his favorites too, and he enjoys provocations.
He is often wrong and his arguments are poor. Not because he is ignorant, but he withdraws quickly because he is tolerant and detests debates.
To be born in the beginning of the year is not favorable for him.
Women Pigs are often lazy, suspicious and jealous and know how to give the jitters.
To let them succeed they must be corrected in their narrow thinking and having blinkers on.
A Pig is not as smart as a Dog in understanding the human mind.
He likes sleeping and eating and gains weight easily.
This often goes together with laziness and clumsyness.
Positive though is that a Pig knows to behave, doesn't lay wicked plans and can bring prosperity.
That is why pigs were considered as wealth.
You get to know the Pig only after you became friends with him.

Compatible signs: Rabbit and Goat.
Less with: Snake, Monkey, or another Pig.

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